Judy Waldman, PharmD, NBC-HWC

My whole life has been in the Pharmacy field. My grandfather, my father, and my twin sister are pharmacist. When I went to pharmacy school, I was looking forward to helping others improve their health through reviewing their medications, offering advice to make sure they are taking their medications properly, so they are as effective as possible. Working with their providers to overcome any obstacles in best treatment possible.
Also, as a pharmacist, working with the people to recommend improvements to their lifestyle that would benefit them, so they don't have to add a medication has become critical today. Why? Our world today is full of options. Some not so good and some really good options. How do I choose and what do I chose to fuel my body each day? Do I know enough to make an educated choice? I did not. So, I chose to pursue a career change. A change that would give me the ability to help others make a sound, medical choice. Lifestyle medicine is taking a proactive holistic approach to health so you can live the best life possible.
My personal talent I feel, is to be able to analyze a situation and come up with a solution to improve the process. As a pharmacist, I know the overall medical practice. I am not fond of the reactive response medicine has to offer us today known as Western Medicine. Many people only go to see a physician when they are sick or have a need. I see Lifestyle Medicine as an alternative to Western Medicine.
Our world has changed in the last 50 years. We sit at work, we eat process food full of chemicals, we have more stress and less free time. Learning to care for ourselves is a process. I want it share what talent I have, to help you create your best life through Lifestyle Medicine.

I was finally able to put life's journey together after taking a class with Judy Waldman. I have studied and listened to many different experts on the topics of mental heath, spiritual health, emotional health, physical health, dieticians, doctors, aroma therapy, meditation, guided imagery and so on. Judy was able to show me how to balance several different areas and get rid of the garbage and mistruth in different areas. I had been told by dietician and doctors to read labels on food and go high protein, low carb, low salt diet and drink lots of water. That's great but Judy gave me the knowledge of reading labels to see what kind of chemicals are in those foods. It all comes down to the balance of all the areas in your life's journey and getting back to the basics.

Jane G


I enjoy Judy Waldman's straight forward and honest talk about how to be a healthier you. She combines science and experience along with Christian principals to teach in a way that is fun and easy to understand.



Judy, owner of RX Shepard, has taught me how to recognize how my body feels when I eat something good for me versus things that are not! Also I have learned about foods that I have never eaten before. Turns out they are good for me and are a good change to my diet! I have also learned that making small changes is what it takes to succeed in changing your diet! Also movement is medicine for your health! She has helped and guided me in my health journey!

Linda B.